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 Local Services 

Local Services

For comprehensive shopping, banking, dining, beauty services and postal transactions go to Umbertide or Mercatale. In Umbria, many stores are closed from 1-4 pm, as well as Monday morning, Thursday afternoons, and Sundays. In Tuscany, as well as closing for the lunch hour, stores close on Wednesday afternoons and Sundays. Key locations and services include:


Bakery (Dolci Forno): Via Martiri della Liberta, at the roundabout – Bar Euro has a good selection of pastries and desserts. Sit at the coffee bar and sample the goods, then go around the corner to the Savino bakery. Across from Savino is an excellent pasta shop.

Banking (La Banca): ATM machines are at Monte Dei Paschi di Siena on Via Roma in Umbertide and another in the main piazza. Banks no longer accept traveler’s checks. During 2021-22 you must have an appointment to enter the bank.

Butcher (Macelleria): Via Roma – next to Carrefour at the center of town near the round church (Collegiata).  Lo Spiedo (via Martiri della Liberta, between the modern church and Conad, across the street) has take away roasted meats and other prepared foods. 075-941-5137.

Gas Stations (Benzanaio): There are several around Umbertide. The station on the left before you cross the bridge coming into town has self-service, or they will pump it for you. There are two other gas stations on the south side of town, heading toward the E-45 superstrada, and another near the entrance to the superstrada.

Groceries (Supermercato): The Coop, Via Morandi, near the stadium and the “skyscraper”, Umbertide’s tallest building. The Coop is a large, American style market that is open all day, every day, including most Sunday mornings. Good produce, cheese and meat departments. Decent wine selection. Good for staples and large shopping trips.

Hairdresser (Parucchiere): Proposte, Via R. Sanzio 4, behind the modern church, near Conad. 075 941 1300.

Hospital (Ospedale): Via Forlanini – The emergency care section is on Via Forlanini, just past La Rocca, the medieval tower in the center of the historic center. The sign says Pronto Soccorso (emergency). The phone number is 075-941-7494.

Computer Repair: Informatica 95, upstairs in the “skyscraper”. 075 941 7850. Daniele speaks English and repairs PCs only. The nearest Apple repair is in Arezzo.

Pharmacy (Farmacia): Piazza Matteotti – This is a very good pharmacy in the main piazza. The pharmacist is knowledgeable and helpful with non-emergency care.

Post Office (Ufficio Postale): Viale della Republicca – Umbertide features a major facility. There are smaller offices in Mercatale and Niccone. Tobacconists sell stamps (francobolli); the post offices do not. There is a tobacconist near Formica; look for the T sign.

Small Appliances: Formica, Via Garibaldi, 17, for housewares, batteries, electrical converters and adaptors, hair dryers, clocks, phones, etc.

Stationary: Via Martiri della Liberta, across from the Conad supermarket. Buffetti sells standard stationary supplies, and makes copies.


The closest town for food and services is Mercatale to the west, just over the border in Tuscany. Food shops are closed on Wednesday afternoons.

Bakery (Dolci Forno): This is a very good bakery for fresh breads and desserts on the left side of the road headed to Cortona, just past Trattoria Mimmi. They make a heavenly tiramisu.

Banking (La Banca): The best automatic teller machine is at the Bank of Firenze, in the center of town just off the piazza, down a little alley on the right side of the bank. Banks no longer accept traveler’s checks. During 2021-22 you must have an appointment to enter the bank.

Butcher (Macelleria): On the piazza, at the center of town where the roads meet, there is an excellent butcher.

Gas Stations (Benzanaio): There is a gas station on the left across from the Conad supermarket on the road to Lisciano Niccone\Tuoro.

Groceries (Alimentari): The Conad supermarket is on the right, across from the service station.

Pharmacy (Farmacia): There is a pharmacy next to the post office, across from the park.

Post Office (Ufficio Postale): The post office (next to the pharmacy) is near the center of town toward Umbertide side, across from the park.

Train Stations

Terontola-Cortona Train Station (Stazione): 45 minutes from Altabella, in Tuscany, between Lake Trasimeno and Cortona, this station is on the main north\south FS (Ferrovia Statale) line that runs from Rome to Florence. Visit for current schedules, and driving directions in your house book.

Umbertide Train Station (Stazione): CURRENTLY MAY BE BEING REPAIRED, we do not recommend you take it. Small FCU (Ferrovia Centrale Umbra) trains travel in the eastern part of Umbria from Terni in the south, through outlying Perugia stations (Ponte San Giovanni and Sant’Anna), to Umbertide and north to Citta di Castello and Sansepolcro. At both Ponte San Giovanni and Sant’Anna in Perugia you can get trains to Terontola, linking to the main FS north\south line. (Currently the line may be being repaired and not running—check at the Umbertide station in the middle of town by the roundabout.)

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